Te Reo Term 4

WALT speak Te Reo and use Maori phrases.

Student Voice " I like learning a Maori sentence at Assembly each week then practising it in our classroom". 

Discovery Term 4

WALT use the key competencies.
Student Voice " I have made a paper plane at Discovery and it flies really well".

Maths Term 4

WALT know about place value - hundreds, tens, ones. 

Student Voice " I can read this number - 300.  It has 3 lots of 100".

CARE Term 3 & 4

WALt use the Oaklands CARE values.

Student Voice " I got my Bronze  and silver certificates because I use the CARE values well".

Writing Term 3

WALT write a recount.
SUCCESS CRITERIA We will have written about an event that has happened. We will have answered some of these questions - who, what, when,why, when? 

Yesterday we did some skipping. There were lots of different activities to try. I liked the skipping relays. It was lots of fun. Some parents came to watch.

Integrated Unit Term 3

WALT make a koru pattern.
Student Voice " I am really proud of my koru pattern.